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Booking an Appointment

All of our doctors and nurses will help you deal with new and long-term health problems and illnesses. They will give advice on how you can help yourself, and if needed provide treatment in the surgery or medication. Occasionally a referral to a hospitals may be needed. You will be offered a choice of hospitals where this is available and clinically appropriate.

Patients can see any doctor of their choice in the practice.

For the same ongoing and long-term health problems it is usually best to see the same doctor each time. This helps you get a consistent approach and reduces the need to repeat questions or examinations. It may mean waiting a few more days, but will almost always mean that your care is more effective. If you feel you need to see a doctor urgently it may not always be possible to see your usual doctor.

To see the same doctor, tell the reception staff the name of the doctor who has been seeing you and ask for an appointment with them. If you cannot remember, please ask the reception staff to check. 

To book a consultation with a clinician, please either:

  • Use eConsult from the home page
  • If you cannot use eConsult then call 01634 854431.

A Clinician will call you back to help you with your problem. If you need to be examined they will then arrange this with you. If you would like a chaperone please speak to the clinician.

When arriving at the surgery for your appointment, always inform reception or use the self check-in.

If you don’t understand what the doctor or nurse says to you, please don’t be afraid to ask for a further explanation. We want to help you, but sometimes we are not aware that you haven't understood. We can also write things down for you or with your permission explain to a relative or a friend to help understanding. We can also text message you with the information.

It can sometimes help to have a partner or friend with you. We are always happy for this and it can help to make sure that you don't forget to mention anything important and remember the discussion that you have had.